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The company Dalboka Ltd. was registered in 1993. It specializes in cultivation and production of ecologically clean Black Sea mussels from the Muthilus Gallaprovincialis species. The mussels belong to the filtrators type and their main food is phytoplankton and zooplankton. One mussel filters 82 litres of sea water for 24 hours. Yet, the mussels shall not be considered to be similar to a filtering paper. These living creatures show selectivity in their feeding.

Therefore, the environment in which they live should be very clean. The farms of Dalboka are located in one of the most environmentally clean areas in the country (the North Black Sea coast) - the Kaliakra Bay. The first experimental underwater farm was constructed and put into operation in September 1994. In August 2003, Dalboka Company constructed a surface mussels farm with a total area of 780 m2, under the SAPARD Programme. In July 2006 the company implemented the second stage of the project - 1640 m2, also financed by the SAPARD Programme.

The unprocessed meat of cultivated mussels contains: water 78-86%, proteins 7.9-14.6%, lipids 0.14-3.2%, minerals 0.89 -2.2%. If we assume that the nutrition value of one eggs is 100, the nutrition value of a crab is 95%, the nutrition value of a veal portion is 80%, then the nutrition value of the mussels is 98%. As a conclusion, the mussel meat is a very high quality food.